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The Bowen Technique

Bowen Therapy is a gentle, holistic hands-on therapy that helps elevate pain and discomfort by re-aligning and re-creating relaxation and equilibrium in the body. Bowen is applied to specific areas of the body using rolling–type moves and a light touch with no deep or prolonged pressure.

Bowen practitioner gives therapy to a lady

Human Bowen Therapy

About Chloe

Hi, My Name Is Chloe, I have lived in Somerset for most of my life and discovered alternative therapies following a sports injury I sustained over a decade ago. Having tried several different therapies and nothing alleviated my pain, I discovered The Bowen Technique. After only the 4th session, I was completely pain-free! 

Everything I do has had a profound effect on me and helped me in many ways. Having been in a great deal of pain and found relief, my goal is for you and others like you to experience a life without pain and free from anything that may be limiting you. These tools allow me to have a tremendous impact on the mind and body making it possible for you to achieve this.


Another important aspect of who I am and what I do is my horses. I have ridden all my life and owned horses for 15 years. Following an injury to my dressage horse Cadbury, our competition career came to an end. This was a huge motivator for me to further my understanding of human and equine anatomy. Bowen has helped my horses stay comfortable and allowed me to help them as much as I can along with influencing every aspect of how I ride and train horses. 

Chloe looks after her horse
Chloe hugs her horse
Chloe laughs with her horse
Chloe with her horse in the arena


Prior to Chloe’s treatment of Bowen I had never experienced it before, however she has shown me what an amazing treatment it is with such strong benefits and huge improvements from it. I had strong back pain (that I didn’t realise how bad they were) which after 3 treatments she sorted out.
Chloe is professional and so friendly and really caters to your needs. I cannot recommend her enough

Florence Warren

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