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Chloe Smith Bowen Treatment Room
Indoor plants bring the greenery inside
A relaxing corner for Hypnotherapy sessi
Pretty accessories in the treatment room
Treatment room for Hypnotherapy session
Relaxing room for a Hypnotherapy session
Hypnotherapy room




Day dreaming, staring into space or driving along concentrating on the road ahead of you and then suddenly you realise a mile has past and you have no recollection of that part of the journey …… this is called hypnosis.


Hypnosis is something we all experience every day. Your mind slows and your body relaxes. You are awake, you can hear and you are in complete control. In this trance-like state your mind is listening and it is easier to communicate with.  


In Hypnotherapy, together we create this state of hypnosis intentionally and we re-programme those unwanted behaviours and place positive suggestions to help you achieve your goals. Hypnotherapy will not make you do anything you do not want to do. It will only work if you want to change. So, it is important to bare this in mind when booking a session.


  • Treatment can be provided from my private clinic or online.

  • Due to COVID-19 restrictions online session have become essential for many people. Due to the pandemic mental health has never been more important. Clients who have previously been sceptical of online sessions have been pleasantly surprised and even more at ease in the comfort of their own home.

  • Your initial consultation will be 1.5 hours to allow time for us to discuss your goals and expectations. I will require a brief medical history, then I will guide you into hypnosis and cover relaxation and improving your sleep. Both essential for us to process information and alter our behavioural patterns.

  • The consultation will be followed by subsequent sessions. Hypnotherapy is ‘Therapy’, therefore a number of sessions will be required.

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