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Chloe with her beautiful horse
Equine Bowen practitioner gives training
Training a horse
coaching a horse in the arena

Equine Training and Coaching


I believe having a lesson should be thought provoking, fun, therapeutic and realistically challenging for you and your horse. There is nothing more satisfying than that magical light bulb moment, which can be in the smallest and simplest of things.

With my background in body work and competing I focus a lot on training the foundations both ridden and in hand, and the rider’s position working towards your goals.

Humans communicate with one another through verbal language. With horses we have to learn to communicate in a different way. Horses often mirror our behaviour which can be a positive and a negative. Recognising this to educate and reassure our horses and ourselves, can be easy and effortless if we take the time slow down and listen.

If we train our horses without clarity, with loss of balance or in a way that causes restriction or discomfort, we lose the suppleness and relaxation we need in the horse’s body to allow it to perform at its best.

Without this relaxation physical issues begin to manifest and present themselves. Good training can help strengthen and support the horse if it has physical issues already caused by conformation issues or ineffective training.  

Training and Coaching

  • I train and coach people and horses of all ages and abilities.

  • I can provide training and coaching from my 20x60m sand and fibre arena based at my yard in Somerset or I can also travel to you and provide clinic days at your yard.

  • The Arena is available for private hire, for more information please click here

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